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Chile Miners Rescue Finally Gets Underway (The Globe & Mail)

Chilean miners trapped more than 600 metres underground will face one more horror as they are pulled from the mine one at a time Tuesday in a cramped capsule. Starting at about 8 p.m., the 33 miners who have been trapped since Aug. 5 will take turns being strapped into the capsule that will carry them to the surface through a shaft that took weeks to drill.

The capsule Phoenix 1 – two identical tubes have also been built – has passed unmanned tests, but this type of rescue has never been attempted before, the rescue team said. Psychologists, Chile’s health minister and doctors at the site say it will be a perilous journey for the miners. Doctors say  the miners could suffer nausea and heart palpitations and are concerned about the risk of blood clotting and heart attacks. Aspirin has been sent down to the men to thin their blood.

A group of four, including paramedics, will be the first to make the trip from the surface, traveling down into the mine to reassure the men and oversee the rescue. The miners will be strapped into the capsule, barely larger than a man. The tube is expected to spin on its way to the surface, and the trip could take between 15 minutes and an hour.

French Unions Stage Open-Ended Strike (CNN)

More than a million people went on strike in France Tuesday – the biggest demonstration yet in a series of rolling strikes against government plans to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62. The Ministry of the Interior said as many as 1.2 million people walked out of work, while unions put the figure at 3.5 million. There were about 250 demonstrations across the country, the government said. About 89,000 people took the streets of the capital Paris, police said, while unions said it was 330,000. Either way, the numbers are bigger than the last protest in Paris, which police estimated to be 65,000 marchers.

One of the most visible signs of the strike was the presence of students throughout the city in the middle of what should have been their school day. Public school teachers joined the strike and no classes were held Tuesday.

The strikes are the fourth in the past month in the showdown between workers and the government – but Tuesday’s have no set date. Rather than end the strike after 24 hours, as the unions have previously done, this time they promised to vote every day on whether to continue. A prolonged strike could lead to chaos with transportation and the delivery of goods.

Ukraine Train and Bus Collision Kills 42 (BBC)

At least 42 people have been killed and nine people hurt in a collision between a train and a small bus in eastern Ukraine, officials say. The incident happened near the town of Marhanets, south of the main regional city of Dnipropetrovsk. The inner-city passenger bus tried to cross the track, ignoring the warning of an approaching train, reports said. Some of the injured are in a critical condition and the death toll could rise. Railway officials said all the casualties were on the bus.

The ministry of interior said the train had dragged the bus for 30 metres after the collision. “The driver of the bus broke traffic laws by driving through a red light before colliding with the train,” a spokeswoman for the regional traffic police told the Agence France-Presse news agency. “It’s utter carnage there.”

The Transport Minister Kostyantyn Yefymenko is quoted in several Ukrainian news agencies is quoted in several Ukrainian news agencies recounting what survivors have already been saying to investigators. “The bus was standing still,” said Mr. Yefymenko, “and the driver was standing near the bus, then he got in and started driving right before the locomotive.” This, he said, was despite passengers warning the driver that the alarm was flashing.


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