October 27, 2011

The sky was dark and cloudy, making it feel like rain was coming. The forecast showed nothing for the next twenty-four hours though, and Adam wished that the day would just end now. There were a lot of stories today… it was hard to just pick three to be divided between them. They always wrote a clip about all the stories happening, but the top ones were the ones they focused more attention and space on.


Luckily for Adam, though not so lucky for the people in Bangkok, his story was the cover story for today. It was the first of five government-declared holidays in Thailand, but it wasn’t the kind of holiday residents there would hope for. Floodwaters were creeping in slowly but surely toward the city, stressing embankments and making roads, parking lots, factories and markets more suitable for fish than for people. Residents were leaving by the masses so as to avoid the floods that were getting worse every day.


Adam looked out the window, thinking to himself how much perspective was shifted when you worked on a newspaper. Suddenly the threat of rain no longer seemed important. The fact was that he was in a safe building with food, water, and protection from any storm that came their way. It wasn’t even like they got that many storms in southern Ontario, but Adam believed that God would provide no matter what storm life through his way.


In Thailand, it was a different story. The Prime Minister declared that the flood relief center had not done enough and that the public needed to sympathize with emergency staff, as some of them had also become victims of the flooding.


In spite the Don Muang Airport being closed yesterday, the Suvarnabhumi Airport (which was the main airport) was still open. Things were operating normally there, as the airport was protected by 3.5 meters of dikes.


As he scrolled through pictures that his consultant in Thailand had sent him through email, Adam couldn’t believe the devastation. What was normally a busy, active city now seemed like a ghost town other than a few public buses and taxis still able to move along some streets. There was even water standing before the Grand Palace, probably the most-adored of Bangkok’s landmarks.


His cell phone rang and Adam reached for it, putting it to his ear. “Princeton,” he said into the receiver.


“Hey Son, I know you’re busy but I just wanted to make sure you were still coming for dinner tonight.” His mom sounded like she had ulterior motives for calling, and Adam started to worry.


“Yeah, I’m coming. Stacey and I will be there around five o’clock?” He’d been dating Stacey Roston for a couple of years now and was planning on proposing before Christmas, provided he could find a ring in time. It was becoming a world-wide search as he hadn’t found the perfect one yet.


“That sounds fine,” Mom replied. “It will be good to see you again.”


“I’d better finish this article before Dan yells at me for being late,” Adam looked up and saw his boss coming into the room. “I’ll see you tonight, Mom.”


“Love you,” Mom said before he could hang up the phone. Something was definitely up… It would be difficult to put his worries aside and focus on the article at hand.


“Something going on?” Josh looked up from his desk. He was still writing about the financial situation in Europe, where the leaders had finally agreed on a deal to help resolve the debt crisis.


“Yeah, it sounds like it,” Adam answered his friend. “I guess I’ll find out tonight at dinner.”


“We going out ring hunting again this weekend?” Josh was his best man, and he’d enlisted him into helping find the perfect ring.


“Lord willing,” Adam sighed, turning his attention back to his computer. He never made plans days in advance – life was uncertain enough.


“You know what I’m excited about?” Amy declared as she stood from her desk.


“The fact that tomorrow is Friday?” Josh guessed. Something was going on between them lately, Adam just hadn’t figured out what. The three of them had worked together for years but it seemed like his teammates’ relationship was becoming less platonic and more romantic in the past few weeks.


“That,” Amy agreed, smiling at him, “and the fact that NATO is ending its operations in Libya as of October 31. Finally, something happening on Halloween that I can celebrate!”


Adam just laughed, knowing how she felt. He was getting tired of reading about Libya and how they’d recovered since Gaddafi’s assassination. He looked forward to the day when the country embraced its democracy and the rest of the world could just move on.


“Less talk, more writing,” Dan looked around the room before going back to his office. The three friends exchanged glances and then got back to work.


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